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The requirements vary for the different school systems and institutions we partner with. However, each institution requires a bachelor’s degree in a teachable subject. For ESL positions throughout China, a 120-hour TEFL certificate is also required. For most institutions we support, a teaching certificate or license with a university-supervised practicum is mandatory. Two years of classroom teaching experience is also required.
We work with individuals seeking a teaching or educational leader position and partner with school systems, universities, or similar institutions to serve as their recruitment agency.
Most school systems love having couples, but this depends on the subjects taught and the need of the school. In most cases, we can find a school open to hiring two qualified teachers.
Candidates should expect to interview two or maybe three times. The first interview will be with Prime Hiring Solutions, with follow-up interviews with the campus looking to hire a teacher. Prime Hiring Solutions has a no-nonsense recruitment policy, and if you meet our qualifications, you will be interviewed within 48 hours.
Once a company or a school hires you, the employer will help process the related onboarding paperwork according to local government jurisdiction.
A domestic transfer process needs to be triggered by your current employer, so it depends on whether your current employer would like to cooperate with your transfer.
Prime Hiring Solutions can provide you with contact information for certain agencies to assist you, but it’s essential to ensure what kind of CRC meets the local government requirement.
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