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Dr. James McLaughlin, DBA

Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Author, Scholar, Educator, and Director are just a few titles associated with Dr. James McLaughlin and his business initiatives. His foundation originates in the Signal Corp of the United States Army, along with numerous years of Department of Defense Information Technology contract work. With extensive support of the U.S. military in the Middle East and Kyrgyzstan, Dr. McLaughlin provides a wealth of real-world business knowledge and global experience to organizational development, growth, and sustainability.

Rita Huang

Rita Huang graduated from the Dalian University of Foreign Languages. After two years of study in France, she joined Maple Leaf Educational Systems in 2008. Before stepping into this position, she served as an Administration Office Director for one of the largest international schools in China, as Foreign Affairs Director and as Executive Assistant to the Superintendent and Administration Office Director of CMLES, a listed company in Hong Kong. With years of extensive experience in K-12 international education, she is devoted to furthering and supporting Prime Co, Ltd to become one of the most professional staffing and consulting companies in China.


Rachel Zhang

Assistant to COO & Marketing Analyst

Cindy Tu

Global Recruitment Specialist

Pamela Deng

Social Media Manager

Annabelle Xiao

Website Manager

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